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Formerly operating as a law office owned and operated by Andrew E. Werring, Atchison Account Management, LLC was created in 2019 to broaden the scope of that work to include management of current accounts receivable, bad debt, and legal enforcement of judgments.

Atchison Account Management, LLC is the "go-to" agency to handle all of your outstanding accounts receivable. We pride ourselves on our ability to recover more of your money, faster, than any other agency. Please see our Prospective Clients page for more information on how we can assist you to obtain monies owed to you, whether that be through current accounts, bad debt, or judgments you've already obtained for yourself or need put in place by one of our trusted law office partners.

The origination of Atchison Account Management, LLC began first in 2007 by Andrew E. Werring as he formed his private law office. In 2019, after over a decade of growth in the collection industry, that office recognized a need in the community to help many small businesses manage their accounts receivable from start to finish.

Our agency is the leading collection practice in Northeast Kansas. We have earned the reputation amongst our of quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively managing the recovery of their monies. In 2014 we invested in a major technological upgrade to our software and our recovery rates skyrocketed. Since that time, we have added three additional full-time employees to the office to assist us in our efforts. Our team enjoys unparalleled success in the region and a reputation of being the agency to hire when you want your monies recovered. In 2019 we completed a second technological upgrade in keeping with the advances in technology cloud to allow them even more efficiencies withourin representing their clients.

Our agency has achieved unparalleled success compared to what others in the collections industry have been able to achieve in our area. Where many agencies might consider certain types of accounts to be uncollectable, we are able to obtain substantially greater results.

Additionally, we offer current account receivable management. We understand, as a small business, the challenge that comes with doing the work and then sending out and managing payment on your own account receivables. Our office can work within the parameters our client sets to ensure regular and prompt payments to avoid the account falling into bad debt.

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