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Atchison Account Management, LLC is the leading collection agency in Northeast Kansas with a proven record of success for our clients.

Our agency has evolved over the last fifteen years along with the changes in the collection industry. We pride ourselves on being on the forefront of the technological advances that allow us to remain competitive with other, larger, agencies while still giving our clients the feeling that we are "their" collectors and not simply a part of a client list.

Our office staff prides themselves on being knowledgeable on the use of the most up to date technology to assist them in their efforts at job performance. With the advent of cell phones and increasing frequency of debtors moving we must be adept at finding the consumers. Our software combined with our personal knowledge is more valuable than the traditional scoring mechanism that many of the larger firms use in their practices. Every account placed with our office is reviewed by a person and not a computer algorithm. Simply put: we collect more money, faster, for our clients.

We accept all forms of payment to include credit cards, HSA cards, FSA cards, and checks (including ACH transactions). We do not pass the costs associated with these types of transactions on to our clients, or the consumers, as many of our competitors typically do. As we are local to Atchison we also accept walk-in payments.

We work regularly with local law firms in the area to manage accounts that are pursued through the Courts to enforce the legal obligation to pay. We ensure that each court hearing has an attorney present to most effectively represent our clients. We manage the payment of attorneys fees associated with the collection of the accounts and do not pass those costs on to the consumer.

As a member of the community of Northeast Kansas we often encounter the consumer on the street, at the ball fields, or through other interactions. It is important for us that we treat the consumers as we would hope they would treat us. We handle the collection process with compassion to each consumer. We work to balance what we can do against what we should do in each case. We assist the consumer in responsibly managing the repayment of their accounts with us while still recovering our client's funds efficiently and with as little cost to the client as possible.

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